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  • It's Never Too Late for a New Beginning
  • A Legacy of Caring and Expertise

We Help Both Men and Women with Residential Treatment at New Beginnings

As a respected and nationally recognized treatment center for those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders, New Beginnings offers individualized treatment for all patients. Patient remedy outlines are changed on a daily basis directing at the individual patient. Separate programming is offered for men’s and women’s inpatient programs, as well as outpatient programs, family programs, and specialty programs. Our goal is to offer high quality addiction treatment and drug rehab for as many people as possible; we believe that everyone is entitled to a New Beginning.


Whether you are referred to us by a social worker, family member, friend, or simply want to take the steps into recovery for yourself, our customized men’s and women’s programs are where you’ll begin. The different programs certain treatment services, including the following:

• Medical Organization
• Primary Care
• Company and One-on-One Sessions
• Family Curriculum
• Precise Issues Based on Gender
• Mental Health Psychotherapy Company
• Nutrition
• Reversion Recognition
• Drug Exclusive Focus Assembly
• Improvement Skills
• Restorative Activity/ Rest
• Ongoing Care Assistance
• Lodging Facility
• Transport Offered

We believe that all program components are designed to benefit everyone affected by drug and alcohol abuse, including patients, their families, and their friends. We respect each patient’s dignity and understand that having a dependence on drugs and alcohol can be difficult to overcome. Don’t let your addiction control any more of your life; let New Beginnings guide you into a physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.


Men's Main Facility
wide shot of men's facility
Men's Facility Entrance
Alumni Center
Hubert H. Humphrey Library


Women's Main Facility Building
Women's Facility Entrance
Women's Facility Dining
Women's Lodging Building
Women's Indoor Lodging


New Beginnings at Waverley provides treatment for co-occurring disorders, in addition to addiction treatment, which allows treatment of mental health disorders during the addiction treatment process. Services include diagnostic assessments, group and individual therapy, treatment planning, pharmacological management, and discharge planning. New Beginnings guarantees full-time quality specialists of mental health that are expert in treating co-occurring disorders and give a number of services that concentrate on education and prevention.

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